About the Conference

November 6-7

Join Us to Make Smell and Taste Testing for All a Reality

This in-person/hybrid optional two-day conference includes live talks, videos, and plain language materials for the broader public.

Together, these activities will advance the use of smell and taste testing in multiple contexts, to speed diagnosis of taste and smell disorders and associated health problems, facilitate therapeutic and supportive interventions for affected individuals, and improve human health and quality of life for us all.

This conference represents a unique collaboration among four groups that have been funded by the RADx℠ Radical initiative to develop chemosensory testing for COVID-19:

Towards Universal Chemosensory Testing

During the conference, attendees, including people with taste and smell disorders, general practitioners, nurses, otolaryngologists, chemosensory scientists, patients, insurance executives, and public health professionals will develop proposed strategies for implementing routine smell and taste testing across the lifespan.

Majority and minority views of the group will be developed and shared with the scientific community via a white paper to be published in a peer-reviewed academic journal under an open-access license.

Continuing Medical Education credits will be available through Ohio State University.

Towards Universal Chemosensory Testing, November 6-8, 2023
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